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Managing a Successful Timber Sale: Top 10 "Musts" (OM13)

This module presents ten “musts” for putting together a successful timber sale. These tips will help minimize your risk and liability as a landowner, get better value for your timber, and identify other important issues to address to ensure that the outcome of the sale meets your environmental and economic objectives and expectations. Instructor: Ron Munro, Consulting Forester.
  • Introduction
  • Module Video
  • Handout: Ron's Top 10 Musts
  • Hadout: Examples of timber sale agreement inclusions
  • Sources of timber sale assistance
  • OM13 Quiz
  • OM13 Evaluation
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Introduction, Module Video, OM13 Quiz, OM13 Evaluation"
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever